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Item system and grades

With the application of the expansion pack, the most confusing part is probably the item system and grades. This is probably because items before the expansion had a simple enchant system, which only required talics.

The most exciting part of an MMORPG is no doubt enchants. Now, there are additional enchants and more items, so you can create your very own item. Thus, the increase in enchant contents makes the expansion more interesting.


The item system of RF is actually easier than it seems. The system consists of item type, level and higher grades. Higher grades are divided into normal, rare, set and unique. Easily obtainable items are normal and rare items.


Now lets take a look at the item grades within the higher grades. They are divided into 7 grade items. The grades can be upgraded through grade-up, of which there are 50 stages. Every upgrade increases in statistics. When upgrading the grade as a whole, there is a risk of failure. There could be situations where you go hunting with just bare fists, if you do not have back up items.

The effects of items also become more elaborate as you upgrade them. The combination of weapon effect and enchant count can be something to consider.

There exists a wide variation of enchants, such as grade-up, rank-up and so on. However, the easiest to apply, but at the same time the most vicious, are absolute damage and defense effects. Absolute damage means that damage will be given always and absolute defense means that the defense will be maintained at all times. For instance, if someone attacks someone with the absolute damage option, the defender will receive damage of the absolute damage value, regardless of their defense value. The absolute defense gives the opposite effect of reducing damage.

In a way, these options are like an all penetrating spear and all blocking shield. If you look at the image, the additional attack power (absolute damage) is 347, while additional defense (absolute defense) is at 1. The attack power overwhelms defense. Therefore, there can be an addition of something called race defense.
to increase absolutely statstics. The ranks can be upgraded through rank-up, of which there are 255 ranks.

Moreover, there are 5 armor parts, compared to one weapon, so if all armor parts are given additional defense, defense will always win. Nevertheless, absolute damage and defense options are powerful options. It may be difficult, with the existence of 255 stages, but it is the easiest to enchant. So, if other enchants arent fit, try making a spear and shield through efficient rank-up enchants.