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Item Card Exchange System

Last several years typical rewards for completing quests was useless weapon or armor, and everytime lower level than character level on complete and the most profit way was just sell it to NPC. To solve that problem we developed a complex solution: added Quest Shop Points and Item Card Exchange System.

Lets talk more about Item Card Exchange System.

The main window Item Card Exchange includes:

1 - Item Card;
2 - Level range (default min level of card);
3 - Button for refreshing items on board after level (2) has been changed;
4 - Exchange card to selected item button;
X - slots for items you can selecting;

Thhere are several types of cards:
1. Weapon Exchange Card;
2. Armor Exchange Card;
3. Shield Exhcnage Card;
4. Ring/Amulet Exchange Card;

Each cards have level range (5 levels each). Also cards devide into 7 rarity grade, example of weapon exchange card:

For example we will use this card item:

Just click Right Mouse Click (RMB) and card automatically inserted and open Item Card Exchange window:

After windows succefull has opened range level input automatically applied min possible level from card. (1 - 5 Level, min is 1). Just Click on Request button to get item list.

But better select item as you level character, imagine that character level is 3. Just enter 3 number:

If you already happy with the choice, now just select any desired items by simple click on it (example sword):

And to confirm deal just click Exchange button, selected item will be added to your inventory:

But what about other cards? Lets see difference:

For better understanding simple video guide:

Item Card Exchange Window.

And finally example other card types:

1. Armor Item Part

2. Shield Item

3. Ring and Amulet Item

But some cards include bonus: rank and grade enchant, but on selection item displays only minimum available on enchant data.