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    UPDATE Alpha Changelogs

    Topic is updating... Fixed transport ship issues; Enabled transport ship messages on client side; Fixed bug with Sacrifice skill (HP to FP) and some others; Fixed Animus skills, recovering HP (works perfectly)/reset CD (some issues with visual part for flush animation on icon); Now armor tool...
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    forum account using for login to game.

    forum account using for login to game.
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    contact @Raffi

    contact @Raffi
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    NOTICE The Road Ahead

    The Alpha development started in 2015 and is ongoing until now. We are building the Alpha on the definitive basis of the game, unlike its previous versions. Many existing processes and systems had to be either improved, adapted, or recreated from scratch. Our priority has been to create...
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    Also the same bonus for you.
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    Free Premium Account has been activated for 7 days.
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    About Items

    Item system and grades With the application of the expansion pack, the most confusing part is probably the item system and grades. This is probably because items before the expansion had a simple enchant system, which only required talics. The most exciting part of an MMORPG is no doubt...
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    Multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA)

    Multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA) is a type of spatial anti-aliasing, a technique used in computer graphics to remove jaggies. You can enable this option manually by launcher settings. MSAA OFF MSAA ON
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    Ingame Launcher

    For the past ten years, we've been building feautures enabling MID-WAY to bring our RF Online more fresh and interesting. The one of most interesting feature, that we are launch the ingame launcher, and begin a long journey to advance the cause of all players. This launcher will open up more...
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    NPC Buffer System

    NPC Buffer can be found Near HQ teleports at every town, as well as at places where a lot of players are getting together. Buffer Information: Buffer is available for all players level;
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    Game User Interface

    Why game UI matters We want people to find their way around the game, to even focus on the game. To make this a reality, we should remove friction in the interface. We don’t want the player to waste time in the menus. We want them to get the information they need through the interface. No more...
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    Chat Emoticons

    A more complete list of the awesome emoticons that can be used in the game with image previews, in depth. How to use emoticon in in-game chat Simply type one of the keywords from the list below in the chat window. Example: -jerry -jerry -dorime -bunny -no -tom -jerry2...
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    Server Information

    Server infomation: Max level - 55; Auto Loot system; Tab Target system; New Game User Interface; Cross Class Enabled; Race Leader Election System; Multi Login Enabled; Shared PVP Points; Only Premium Account and Cash Shop; Max PVP Lv 50 Normal 1.500 | Premium 3.000 Max PVP Lv 51 Normal 2.000 |...
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    Download [FULL PATCH]

    If you have already game client (Grand Update or newer), just download our full patch for playing on the server, but better dowload our full client. Google Drive Yandex Drive After download has been finished, unpack our path with 7z tool and wait when unpacking will be finished. After just...