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[Discussion] Cape's


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Hello everyone,

I'm just want ask what do you think about adding costume cape's with increasing movement speed on 1?

There are 3 types of capes : 7 days, 15 days and 30 days.

Elan0011.jpg Elan0012.jpg Elan0013.jpg Elan0014.jpg Elan0015.jpg Elan0016.jpg Elan0018.jpg Elan0019.jpg Elan0020.jpg Elan0021.jpg Elan0022.jpg Elan0023.jpg Elan0025.jpg Elan0026.jpg Elan0027.jpg Elan0028.jpg Elan0029.jpg Elan0030.jpg Elan0031.jpg Elan0032.jpg Elan0033.jpg Elan0034.jpg Elan0035.jpg Elan0036.jpg Elan0037.jpg Elan0038.jpg Elan0039.jpg Elan0040.jpg Elan0041.jpg Elan0042.jpg Elan0043.jpg Elan0044.jpg Elan0045.jpg Elan0046.jpg Elan0047.jpg Elan0048.jpg Elan0049.jpg Elan0050.jpg Elan0051.jpg Elan0052.jpg Elan0053.jpg Elan0054.jpg Elan0055.jpg Elan0056.jpg Elan0057.jpg Elan0058.jpg Elan0059.jpg Elan0060.jpg Elan0061.jpg Elan0062.jpg Elan0063.jpg
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