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UPDATE Server Update v1.0


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Server Developer
Cash Shop

Hello RF Online!

We've brought in three great novelty developer notes that are a key element of RF Online!

As we look forward to it, please check out the information:

Changed Icon's for PVP Points Capsule -
Changed Icon's for some amulets/rings;

Added new icon for gold/pvp points [PACK] -

Added dot separator for price on NPC BUFFER;
Added new item Energy Stone for Guard Towers;
Changed Relief Jade Effects; Now 1 Jade = +5 LV;

Increased Gold Points limit to 4kkk;
All Temp Item now put into new inven slot;
Removed 1 sec delay for PVP Potions;
Generators/Charms now 1pc = 5 effects; (only where effects stackables);
Fixed bug with NPC when something items are placed, but not displayed;
Fixed battle mode status;
Fixed price for shields;
Fixed race for elementals on Elan NPC;
Fixed incorrect codec for RU NPC Names;
Fixed problemn when selling over race money limit. Not If you will sell over 4kkk, you only get 4kkk;
Fixed amulets/rings name/desc/icons;

PVP Point x100 1pcs + 50kk = 9.900 1 pcs [PACK]
PVP Point x300 1pcs + 50kk = 29.700 1 pcs [PACK]
PVP Point x100 5pcs + 50kk = 49.500 1 pcs [PACK]
PVP Point x300 5pcs + 50kk = 147.500 1 pcs [PACK]
Gold Point x1000 1pcs + 50kk = 99.000 1 pcs [PACK]
Gold Point x1000 5pcs + 50kk = 495.000 1 pcs [PACK]
Gold Point x4000 1pcs + 50kk = 495.000 1 pcs [PACK]
Gold Point x4000 5pcs + 50kk = 1.980.000 1 pcs [PACK]