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Unreal suggestions


Cash Shop
1. Make TAB button target selection.
2. Increase insects monsters size.
3. New MAU/Towers models/colors.
4. Make Rocket Launchers along with Flame Throwers or assign rocket launcher siegekits to flamethrowers.
5. Make 1 Chip Guardian Leader mob on each chip with increased power. (Probably one of those new models from Return of the lord master)
6. New story quest line that player would enjoy to read and complete. (keywords: party quests, story, dialogues, magic immune monsters, phys damage immune monsters)
7. Add more emoticons (to exclude removing players messages, using emoticon words add some symbol like # in front of emoticon word [exampe #jerry]).
8. More jerry emoticons.
9. #jerry1 jerry2 jerry3 emoticon.
10. If possible, fix weapons position in active siegekit mode.
11. Make random CW winner if all chip have 100% by the end of war.
12. Random unique mobs / pit boss / quest npc spawn for the limited time. (with unique prise)
13. BOTS AI players? xd
14. Armory, settlements invasions, such as CW, but PVE content (random aggressive mobs spawn for the limited time). If invasion leader(s) killed - target race get bonus damage/defence/price/cp.
15. Some monsters use random buffs to themself (as card cheat loot) - speed up, crit or something else.
16. If right side councils not appointed after monday, automaticly appoints non councils players by activity.
17. RaceVsRace guild GvGs.
18. Chemical CW rockets those wont kill enemies, but give em debuff.
19. Reworked CW map.
20. Upgradable Dragon Bone Booster.
21. Working RaceToRace UTS auction.
22. Change settings button style for selling booty items.
23. Add town protected zones to all locations and let quest NPCs be there.
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