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Item Grade Upgrade System

There are only few item grades, like normal, intense, type c, relic and etc. Anyway, only few items of each grades available ingame and be honest it wasnt enough. Now lets take a look at the item grades within the higher grades. They are divided into 7 grade items. The grades can be upgraded through grade-up, of which there are 50 stages. Every upgrade increases in statistics. When upgrading the grade as a whole, there is a risk of failure. There could be situations where you go hunting with just bare fists, if you do not have back up items.

Item grades now are not just names Normal, Intense more. Now - 7 grades and each grade includes 50 stages, but also 4 group effects includes from 1 to 4 bonus effects.

1. Red Block - any equipable items;
2. Green Block - item class (High-grade, Rare, Relic, Hero, Legend, Ancient, Arcana);
3. Yellow Block - each class includes 50 stages. Each stage increases % bonus of effects;
4. Purple Block - effect group which includes from 1 to 4 random bonus effects.

To Class Upgrade you will need open Rank upgrade window on the left side of screen:

The Class Upgrade window includes:

1 - Weapon/Armor parts/Shield/Cloak/Rings or Amulet item;
2 - Class Upgrade Enchant Core;
3 - Class Upgrade Enchant Booster;
4 - Upgrade Fees;
5 - Process Upgrade Button;
X - slots for returns items if rank-up will be failed;

1) For example, in this guide we will use armor upper item:

Just drag-n-drop or use shift to put armor item in slot #1

After, you will need to add Class Upgrade Enchant Core. There are 3 types of enchant cores:

Higher number => higher chance for successfully rank upgrade.

Optionally, for increasing upgrade rate you could add special Item Class Enchant Booster:

There are also animated special indicator:

Item Class Upgrade Window.

After all items are inserted, just click process button and also dont forget to check you are have enough balance:

The result of successfully upgraded item:

Item Class Upgrade Window Result

What difference between non-upgraded, class High-Grade stage1, class High-Grade stage 50 or class Relic stage 50 items? Just compare it the following: