What is RF Online 1.5?

RF Online 1.5 is an epic MMO based on an RvRvR (Race vs. Race vs. Race) system. The three races, Accretia, Bellato and Cora, find themselves in an endless war for the limited resources in the Novus galaxy.

With the unique mix of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Steampunk , and its vast possibilities of specialization, every player will be able to find a character that matches their individual personality.

The different grades of specialization encourage teamwork and well balanced guilds, in which each player takes an invaluable role for the advancement of their guild and race. The various possibilities for PvP (Player vs. Player), RvR (Race vs. Race) and GvG (Guild vs. Guild) warfare allow for a huge amount of interaction and stimulate competitiveness between players thriving to rise to the top within and with their respective guild, race and even server.



For millennia, the three races, Accretia, Bellato and Cora, lived side by side in peace. When resources started running out, however, the races started turning against each other.

The Accretians developed from regular organic beings into humanoid hybrid machines with extremely strong firepower. As a purely materialistic race, they bow to no god and thus are unable to use magic skills. But this lack in Force is made up for by means of technology, and their armies do not need to hide from any other power.

The Bellato Union have a small build due to the extremely high gravity on their home planet. Their intelligence and dexterity allowed them to build walking battle machines, which spread fear amongst their enemies. Besides that, they also use the Force of the Light, which allows them to use magic powers against their foes.

The Cora fight with the power of their god, Decem, on their side. They tap into the Dark Force and have pledged their allegiance to the Holy Alliance. All of their actions are executed for Decem, and Decem alone. Nothing could bend their pride in being servants to the higher good, and they will fight passionately and ruthlessly for their belief.




MAU are the pinnacle of Bellatian arms development. There are two types of MAU: Goliath and Catapult. Goliath MAU have extremely strong defence while the catapult’s strength is superior firepower.



Cora of a certain level have the special ability to summon an animus. There are four different types of animus: Paimon, a powerful animus that specialises in close combat. Hecate is a female animus that uses Fire Force to attack and stun her summoner’s enemies. Isis, another female animus, looks frail but is a fierce fighter. Finally there is Inanna, a friendly animus that uses her powers to heal.



Accretia Launchers not only provide normal attack modes, but show amazing destructive powers when in Siege Mode. This becomes possible after obtaining the Siege Kit and the right ammunition. The Launcher becomes stationary when in Siege Mode, but its destructive power is unequalled.



All online games have their limits content-wise, but with RF Online 1.5, we dig deeper into every facet of the game, with multiple methods of mining for obtaining a variety of items, nearly unlimited enchant possibilities to upgrade your gear, various possibilities for different kinds of warfare, siege warfare, chip wars, heaps of monsters to fight and quests to solve, and all content being continually upgraded to ensure that you will never run out of things to do while playing RF Online 1.5.



With an intuitive interface, new and seasoned users alike can concentrate on playing the game from the start without having to think about controls.

Regular events will give you the chance to win great rewards that will further increase an exciting gaming experience.
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