Cat & Chicked Update

The "Dragon Pretender" that ravaged the Novus planet last year has appeared across time and space again!

This time, the white cat "Lanlan" also appeared in various races HQ. In order to find the lost "chicken", he urgently needed the help of warriors of various races Novus.

Although rotten is in vain, it is by no means stingy. As long as you help him, you can get corresponding rewards!


During the period, you can accept daily tasks from the event NPC white cat "Lanlan". After collecting the items required for the mission, click on Cat and select "Talk" to obtain the mission reward items. Mission reward items can be used to synthesize event-specific mounts.

The white cat "Lanlan" is located in the HQ of each race.

Tasks and items obtained
Task Name
Cat LanLan QuestLv55 ~ Lv75

During the period, monsters will appear and appear in designated locations on each map at designated times.

Item synthesis

In the game, the following synthesis can be performed through the hero NPC's combined item function.

Synthesize "that chicken cart"

(10 pcs) to get chicken mount.