Frostivus - Winter Event

For too many seasons have the horrors of our formerly festive heroes huddled near the warmth and safety of an Ancient’s glow. But this year a handful of heroes have gathered to ensure the true Frostivus spirit emerges from the traumas of the past.

Now to truly foster the holiday spirit and resurrect the tradition of the truce, everyone is invited to partake in the Frostivus Festival Special Event. Queue up to enter the fray and compete against friends and strangers alike in a madcap series battle that will test your skills but never diminish your holiday cheer.


Today we would like to introduce our new map - Santa Land. Minimal Level requirement is 70.

Santa Land

To access this area you would need follow through cave near Jacks Lot:


On Santa Land you can get daily gifts and some snowballs from Christmass Tree.


On Santa Land can be found several new monsters.

Deer Chooty

Candy Caliana

Santa Present


Sweet Candies

(Damage: SnowSpray)

LOOT: Wex, Quas, Exort Esence
RESPAWN: 5 minutes.

(Damage: SnowSpray)

LOOT: Wex, Quas, Exort Esence
RESPAWN: 5 minutes.

(Damage: SnowSpray)

LOOT: Nice Frostivus Gift, Naughty Frostivus Gift.

RESPAWN: 6 hours.

(Damage: normal Weapon)

LOOT: Snowballs
RESPAWN: 30 minutes.

(Damage: SnowSpray)

LOOT: Candies
RESPAWN: 5 minutes.


For destroying all enemies and have be prepared to help Santa you will need get a new weapon - Snow Spray.

Snow Spray

To acquire this new tool, you must find 4 parts. Parts can be found from hunting on Chooty which can be find across the Ether Platform.

Chooty and 4 parts of Snow Spray

For using Snow Spray you definitely will need charge it with snowballs. Snowballs can be acquired from Snowman on Santa Land, for talic points from QUEST NPC or from daily reward from Christmas Tree.


For killing monsters on Santa Land map area you will get a Wex Essence, Quas Essence and Exort Essence and candies as well.

Combine 5 each and get random gift from Santa.


Nice Frostivus Gift

Naughty Frostivus Gift

At the end will be given a "Nice Frostivus Gift" or will be given a "Naughty Frostivus Gift". Both gifts have a chance to contain over 120 items or snowballs and coal. The Nice prize has a higher chance for better rewards.


Once the candy destroyed youll be given items which can be used during the battle.

You also can obtain a very nice Santa Knife, Hat or Cape from Nice or Naughty Gift Box.

Santa Knife (30 days, Permament)

Snowman Hat (7 Days, 30 days, Permament)

Santa Hat (7 Days, 30 days, Permament)

Chirstmas Tree Cape (7 Days, 30 Days, Permament)

Santa Cape (7 Days, 30 days, Permament)

Start: December 25, 2020
End: January 17, 2021 - Server Maintenance