Notice of End of 3rd Closed Beta Test

A sci-fi action MMORPG. This is the RF online operation team. The 3rd closed beta test of RF online, which started on April 27 and lasted for 25 days until today, May 21, has come to an end today.

In retrospect, there were many changes in this 3rd closed beta test.

More than 10,000 beta testers have been selected, far more than the previous 1st and 2nd beta tests, and to get closer to the original meaning of RF online, which is the confrontation and competition between the three races , we have newly introduced the Holy Alliance Korra and the Acresia Empire.

In addition, we tried to complete the appearance of the world of RF online more and more by realizing armored equipment representing the characteristics of each race, and race-specific weapons such as animus and launchers.

In this process, I was able to get valuable data and supplementary points for RF online, and I was able to get a lot of inspiration to develop the part of confrontation and competition between races. I sincerely respect and appreciate the hard work of several testers who have experienced numerous changes during the 3rd closed beta test and worked hard on the test, and who generously gave their support and sharp advice to the world of RF online give.

In addition, the tester I had humbly accept your sincere advice and rebukes said let that be our best effort to forward RF online is geolmat the name of the New World We promise, as well as the direction of future updates, already present in this test existing revealed We will try our best to show you a new world in front of your eyes in the next test by correcting and improving the problems or supplementary points of the systems .

Finally, we as involved this than the third expected in closed beta testing of RF online Once again, thank you very much for being given to the heartfelt support and encouragement and advice,
many of which show the future than it gave show ever RF online I would like to ask you once again to look forward to the world of RF online is a world created by your expectations and efforts.

We also promise once again that we will surely live up to your expectations and efforts. Thank you.