[PLANET WARS] New Quest - Scroll Quest

A new quest in a new way to progress by acquiring scrolls! If you do this quest, you can get quest points, and through those points, you can also acquire rare items. I will only reveal to you a little bit about how it works.^^

- Scrolls with various orders issued to the Novas garrison from their home country have been found in large numbers. This is the command delivery method taken because communication using radio waves is impossible due to the influence of the Holy Wave.

- The scrolls are collected by the Cartella Merchants Association and sold to merchants of each race. Therefore, the Novas garrison can receive a quest through the scroll by paying a certain amount of tribal currency.

- You can receive the quest by right-clicking the purchased quest scroll. At this time, quests are given randomly within the level.

The quest scroll sold in the shop and the quest given through the scroll

- The same quest cannot be accepted repeatedly, but can be performed repeatedly after completion.

- You can receive a rare quest with a low probability, and you can obtain a rare item as a reward.

- When you complete the scroll quest, you can acquire a certain amount of QP (Quest Points), and the higher the points, the better the rewards will be able to perform rare quests.

Obtaining QP (quest points) through scroll quests

- This scroll quest can only be played in single player, and the conditions for performing it include hunting monsters, killing players of other races, mining ores, and exploring specific areas.