Server Update v0.0.4

Hello RF Online!

We've brought in three great novelty developer notes that are a key element of RF Online!

As we look forward to it, please check out the information:

Fixed Quest Empty Actions;
Fixed Client Crash when Party Item Looting Round Robin mode is on;
Fixed PT Bug getting exp when Class is already selected;
Fixed Trap Error install; Only main Trap Class could install over 10 traps, other class possible to set only 3 per time;

Base Class Reward Potion increases from 10 to 200;
Added ExcelSiars to Tool Vendor for Guard Towers;
Added additional number to item class, which help understand rarity of items. Example: What is better Relic or Hero? It was really mystery. Now each class contains number from 1 to 7 -> Hero (4) vs Relic(3) -> more understandable that Hero better than Relic.

All stackable quests reward now automatically stacked if player have the same items in inventory already;

Reworked Money Drop with party mode.

Now if party item looting mode: Free for all, each member gained money if some party member looted it. Also, each member adding small bonus to total money pool, that guarantees to all party member gain 50% more money, that if they just got killing monster solo;

Thank you for waiting. Servers are back up online!