Server Update v0.1.6

Hello RF Online!

We've brought in three great novelty developer notes that are a key element of RF Online!

As we look forward to it, please check out the information:

Fixed Unit HP Target Inform;
Fixed Quest Teleport Button;
Fixed Bug with some scroll items;
Fixed Unit Auto Fill Bullet from Unite Spare Container;
Fixed Support Aura system;
Fixed Aura Skill Remove system;
Fixed Display Info about siege kit type (launcher or flamethrower);
Fixed Item Upgrade information while failed class/rank upgrade;
Fixed bug downgrade talic to keen;
Fixed talic destroy message for class/rank upgrade;
Fixed Siege Kit speed bonus;
Fixed display sub-armor info with rank/class upgraders/boosters;
Calianas equipment drop has been cleared;
Added mising quest monster Giant Kurr to Volcanic Area;

Increased succefully chances Talic Item Upgrade;
Outcast Land Scroll level requirements changed from 51 to 50;
Removed Class/Rank random while manual crafting items;
Removed Level War Jade items;
Decreased 500% sell price Red Chip;
Decreased 400% sell price Blue Chip;
Decreased 400% sell price Orange Chip;
Decreased 400% sell price Yellow Chip;

Updated HQ's Pit Boss Drop:
-Removed high level items;
-Added Armor 41-45 level (random rank/grade);
-Added Weapon 41-45 level (random rank/grade);
-Added Shield 41-45 level (random rank/grade);
-Added Gems T1, T2, T3;
-Added Special Pit Boss reward box type A (contains Rank/Grade Boosters, Rank/Grade Upgrade Core, Rare-7 Armor/Weapon Card)