Server Update v0.2

Hello RF Online!

We've brought in three great novelty developer notes that are a key element of RF Online!

As we look forward to it, please check out the information:

Fixed Display Race Buff display info;
Fixed Server Rate card info;
Fixed Cora Storage NPC collision;
Fixed Additional defense (effect doesn't applied when equip armor);
Fixed Unit Range Attack;
Fixed Unit Armor generator defense rate (upgraded by talic equiped armor doesn't applied effect);
Fixed Booster Mantle Sound Glitch;
Fixed Gesture Animation data;
Fixed Party Information info;
Fixed Character Display information;
Fixed Patriarch Election system;
Changed NPC Bellato Portal Protector on Crage Minifield;
Corrected Message inform about amount (was 8 -> new 12) party player for guild creation;
Changed Additional defence and damage type to pure;
- Unit get only 25% from pure damage;
- Pure Damage to player counter only additional defence point and ignore normal defence.

Added RMB status to Resouce Item;
Added Potion some new special effects information;
Implemented Life Reversal Lottery Ticket logic;
Implemeneted Battle Dungeon System;
Implemented Dark Hole System;
RMB to rank/grade upgrade core item now opens Rank/Grade Upgrade Window;