Server Update v0.2.5

Hello RF Online!

We've brought in three great novelty developer notes that are a key element of RF Online!

As we look forward to it, please check out the information:

Fixed Party Exp Bonus;
Fixed Ammo icons (mineral <-> poison);
Fixed DC when openning Cash Shop;
Fixed bug when selling some items are not obtaining money;
Fixed bug when button "Dispose" are not working while board openning from GUI;
Fixed bug when Ore processing/Hero Combine boards closing while moving;
Fixed battery tooltip info;
Fixed money drop name info (dalant, disena, cp);
Fixed display lazuli points NPC Quest;
Fixed Level Up Weapon bug with some items (korean);

Item Grade/Rank Upgrade changes:
Set static price for all stages/ranks -> 5.000.000;
Disabled talic destroys while grade up;

Manul Craft System:
Changed materials requires for crafting armor/weapon/shield items;
Only Normal and Rare-1 items are craftable;

Ore Processing:
Reworked all chance table;
Removed money coupons;
Added items requires for manual crafting;

Elan NPC Quest (every 3 hours):
Money Reward: 6.000.000;
Lapis Lazuli: 250;
CP: 500;
Everyday Box I;