Server Update v0.2.6

Hello RF Online!

We've brought in three great novelty developer notes that are a key element of RF Online!

As we look forward to it, please check out the information:

  • Added Guild Room system (except NPC, will be added soon);
  • Added Guild UMT system;
  • Added T5 items to PB's;
  • Added missing monsters for quests;
  • Added Mercy talics to PB'S;
  • Implemented summon potions (target party/guild member and whole);
  • Updated manual craft table;
  • Fixed incorrect items name/desc (??? and other);
  • Fixed Lv40_Order quest teleport button;
  • Fixed NPC positions Crage Minifield;
  • Fixed NPC positions Ether Platform;
  • Fixed some items icon;
  • Fixed combine package while stacks display incorrect while restart;
  • Fixed launcher (rare-7 & rare-5) type;
  • Fixed display ammo in trunk;
  • Fixed Triple Mining speed name;
  • Fixed some quest actions text;
  • Fixed Mau Honor display Charater Info (C);
  • Fixed Guild Applience system;
  • Fixed Rune of Conversion;
  • Fixed Rank Upgrade price display;
  • Fixed Trap Setup checks;
  • Fixed Radar Icons;
  • Fixed Radar Delay (each loginin timer has been flushed);
  • Fixed Guild Members Rank calc;
  • Fixed Level Upgrade window size;
  • Fixed Miner Upgrade window size;
  • Added Missing items to Redhaired Splinter's;
  • Fixed Belatto Force restoring SP;
  • Removed UTS;
  • Removed cultivate items from tool vendor;
  • Trap/Guard Tower install skills are removed from all class except original;