• Honor MAU will be deleted from all characters upon first login.
  • Honor MAU have time limited as other generators;
  • The Honor MAU for attack and defense, which provides a 400% boost, can only be acquired from PB and Holy Stone Keeper as the MAU Blessing.
  • Honor generators are also available at foreign NPCs and PvP point shops (at 50% efficiency, as with usual MAU generators). Only one Honor MAU is required.
  • Only one type of generator can work at a time. The MAU Blessing cannot be stacked with MAU Honor Attack.
  • The AOE damage from MAU has been removed, but auto-loot is still operational.
  • The drop rate for MAU has been restored to its previous level, as it was reduced by 50% in the previous patch.
  • A critical bug that caused armor defense calculation errors has been fixed. It now applies the DefFacing parameters to normal Defense by grade.
  • A bug that caused quest teleportation to HQs has been fixed, with a new check for the destination map's race code.
  • A bug that caused only the same item to be rewarded in dungeons has been fixed.
  • The description of card rewards in the 45-50 level dungeons has been fixed.
  • The bug that caused incorrect money rewards for 45-50 level dungeons has been fixed.
  • Dungeon time has been corrected.
  • Prevent running multiple clients, but allow premium users to run an additional client.
  • Russian locale has been fixed for the item package window.
  • A package item indicator has been added to booty items.

Thank you for playing, and we hope you enjoy these updates!