• Fixed bug when most of NPC quests are not displayed to player due to incorrect condition for req. level;
  • Fixed bug with several systems using lists (e.g. if only one timetable item is left, it is not deleted on expiry);
  • Fixed bug with quests (3H, 12H) on Ether Platform/Volcano Area; Also reduced conditions;
  • Fixed bug where some equipment are not gradable;
  • Fixed bug when scaling monster does not affect the stats;
  • Fixed class reward for bellato (1pc->5pc armor cards);
  • Fixed manual craft recipes;
  • Reworked manual craft board, added fees for several crafts;
  • Added Quest/Cash Shop rental period info;
  • Added Mount type filter;
  • Small improvements with GUI;
  • Added board menu;
  • Reworked pop-up window;
  • Added mount items to Quest Shop;
  • Added mount welcome item to new character;
  • Removed useless buttons from board;
  • Removed some NPC’s with only exchange buttons.

Thank you for playing, and we hope you enjoy these updates!