Greetings fellow adventurers! We are excited to announce that we have installed a major update today, bringing some exciting changes to the rank and grade system, enchant core system, gem system, monster table looting, and more! Here's a detailed breakdown of all the changes:

Rank and Grade System Changes:

  • We have added several enchant cores to the game which can be normal, rare, and mythical. These enchant cores provide various enhancements to your gear and can be upgraded using enchant stones.
  • The game is now divided into min and max level enchant equip as well as min and max stages. This means that some enchant cores will only be available for certain stages or gear levels.
Enchant Core System:

  • We have made some changes to the gem system. There are now two levels of gems, and each level is divided into four rarity types. The rarity of the gem determines its effectiveness. You can acquire gems by purchasing them from the shop or by looting them from monsters.
  • We have updated the monster table looting and added tons of new items to monsters, which will help you level up more easily. Be on the lookout for rare drops that can help you bolster your gear and become unstoppable!
Other changes:
  • HQ PB's now drop special boxes containing gems, rank/grade enchant, and elementals. These bosses have been tuned up to offer a greater challenge, so be prepared to face their wrath!
  • We have removed the regen feature of HQ PB's. This means that the bosses will no longer regenerate health during the battle, making them easier to defeat.
We hope these changes will enhance your gaming experience and make your journey more thrilling! Keep exploring and battling, and let us know your feedback on these changes. Good luck on your adventures!