Attention players! We have some exciting updates to announce in our game. Please take note of the following changes:

  • Gold Pig can now be exchanged for a random golden points capsule, which can contain up to +1000 golden points.
  • We have added several missing weapons to the drop list, including Flamethrower, Launcher, Grenade Launcher, and Faust.
  • Missing weapons have also been added to the manual craft system.
  • There is now an increased chance of manual crafting items for equipment.
  • The bullet amount has been decreased in manual mode.
  • Min stage for rank/grade upgraders is now unlimited; only the max stage is limited.
  • We have removed grenade launcher rockets (ammo) from the RARE TOOLS NPC.
  • Display abilities for Type A/C will now be fixed, even if the item is not upgraded.
  • Items have been colorized from original to custom for better readability.
In addition to these changes, we have also made some updates to our dungeon system. Players can now acquire more than one item as a reward.

In the past, only one random item from the reward list was given out, but now it is possible to get all the reward items at once. This change is experimental and applies to low-level dungeons only.

Lastly, we have increased the grade/rank stage for card items gained from dungeons.

With these updates, you will notice a more user-friendly and intuitive interface when navigating through the game. We have streamlined certain aspects of the GUI, making it easier to access key features and information. Our team strives to provide the best gaming experience for all our players and we are glad that Raffi's contributions have made a positive impact.

Thank you for playing our game and we hope you enjoy the new updates!