Collection Inventory

On December 22nd (Thursday), ‘Collection Inventory’ where you can collect items will be added to RF Online.

Please refer to the updates below for more details!

[Update schedule]

- Thursday, December 22, 2022

[Update details]

> Add item collection ‘Collection Inventory’

> Compensation provided when collecting and registering items

- You can collect with all characters in your account, and the collection level is shared regardless of race.

By collecting 1 to 6 items and completing the encyclopedia, you can increase your abilities or acquire items.

- You can purchase the ‘Collection Inventory Update Package’ from the HQ Mysterious Mineral Merchant once per account.

<How to use collected inventory >

[Call method]

- You can call it by pressing the shortcut "V" or clicking the bottom [Game System UI] - [Collect Inventory].

[detailed description]

[How to register]

- The items you own are activated, select the items you own and register them in the collection registration window.

* Please note that the registered item will be deleted, and it will be difficult to restore the deleted item.

- When registering equipment, you can register equipment with higher enhancement values than the required equipment.

- Registered items are immediately destroyed and cannot be restored.

- If the reward is an effect type, it will be applied immediately. If the reward is an item payment type, the reward will be activated and can be received by clicking.