RF Online March 16th (Thursday) update information [Infernal Dragonborn Accessory]

[Update schedule]

- Thursday, March 16, 2023

[Update details]

> Introducing M-grade Infernal Dragonborn accessories!
*This item can be worn starting from level 75 and can be sold at stores, exchanged, discarded, and stored in the warehouse.

[Description of Accessories Options]
[M-class accessories combination formula]

* You can also obtain M-class accessories by combining powerful blessing/protection and indomitable blessing/protection accessories from the existing Verma server with dragon holy water.

> Passion/Will Accessory Event (Event ends March 30th)
[Combination of Accessory Materials (Enhancement)]

- Memories Crystals are used as a shining passion/will strengthening material, and have a higher chance of strengthening than broken memory fragments.
- You can obtain intermediate/high-quality accessories by collecting and combining solid passion/will pieces.
[How to combine (strengthen) accessories]

- Shining Passion/Will (+0) items can be purchased through the mysterious mineral merchant NPC.

Sales period: After regular inspection on Thursday, March 16th ~ Before regular inspection on Thursday, March 30th
* Combination is only possible with two identical mid-level accessory items.

* Intermediate/Advanced/Infernal Dragonbone exchange tickets can be obtained after combination through a hero NPC.