??2022 Halloween Event ??

2022 Halloween event!! ༼ʘ̅˜ʘ̅༽'☂

Get new Halloween hats and capes ~

The accessory event that was held during last year's Halloween event will also be held again ⎝༼¸◕ˇ‿ ˇ◕˛ ༽⎠

[Event Schedule]

- After regular maintenance on Thursday, October 20, 2022 ~ Before regular maintenance on Thursday, November 17, 2022

[Event details]

> 2022 Halloween Event!!

<'Halloween event monster' appears >

- Obtain Halloween item materials by defeating monsters that appear during the event period.


※ Event monsters only appear in channel 1.

[Halloween monster appearance location]

- Halloween Demons

- Halloween Spirit

<Proceed with ‘Halloween Event’ quest >

- During the ‘Halloween Event’ period, daily quests can be completed once a day through the race manager.

- Daily quests are reset at 5 a.m. the next day, and can be accepted and continued again after reset.

- After completing the quest, obtain magic pumpkin seeds, which are used as ingredients for Halloween hats/cloaks!
<Halloween hat/cloak >

[Halloween hat/cloak combination]

- In the case of Halloween hats, you can obtain them as a pumpkin hat or a witch hat depending on your gender.

- Can be combined through hero NPC.
※ When combining the Brilliant Halloween Hat/Cloak, the combination is only possible with the same Talik/Alignment/Gender.

[Halloween Hat/Cloak Option] (Added)
[Halloween hat/cloak set effect]

- A set effect is granted when wearing a shining, brilliant Halloween hat and cloak.
<Halloween accessories >

- The Halloween accessory event that was held during the 2021 Halloween event will be held again.
[Halloween Accessories Combination ]
※ The accessory combination may fail, and if it fails, the materials will disappear as follows.

ㄴCreepy Accessory: If the combination fails, only ingredients 2-3 will disappear.

ㄴSpooky, ominous accessories: If the combination fails, all materials are destroyed.

※ This 2022 Halloween event combination formula is applied separately from the 2021 Halloween event combination formula.

Get Halloween-exclusive hats, capes, and accessories ~ ⸜(*ˊᗜˋ*)⸝