NOTICE Creating Your Own Weapon

NOTICE Creating Your Own Weapon

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Various enchant options have been added, due to the addition of absolute damage and absolute defense in the expansion. Therefore, it is possible to make items to your own taste with enchants. There are many ways of making items, but let's first look into specialized items.


Specialized items can be divided into PVP and PVE exclusive. PVP exclusive items are for anti-personnel use and PVE exclusive items are for monsters. To enchant specialized items, there are methods of Archon, mass or individual enchanting.


Through the 3 enchants, you can raise them to a maximum of 5000. PVP and PVE can all have option selective enchants.

When you enchant, the values are shown on the PVP attack power list. Moreover, specialized weapons can be enchanted regardless of whether they're weapons or armors, so you could say that they can be raised almost infinitely. But note that trinkets cannot be given options.



Everybody owns a fashion item, which will make players consider how cool their characters look. In RF, there are 2 ways to make possessed items look better. They are shinning effects and weapon costume items. The effects are given through enchant counts, but this is rather difficult because they are obtained through level up and grade increase.

A fancy effect is attached around the shoulders and back. Of course, these effects are shown only when the enchant count reaches the maximum points. Note that effects are added with each stage.Second are weapon costumes. As shown in the image below, there are 3 types. First is the original item, second a fire extinguisher costume purchased at the cash shop, and the third is a costume item obtained from the gladiator system. Humorous costumes like the fire extinguisher can be purchased at the cash shop, according to the types of items. There are also armor and booster costumes.


There exists a wide variation of enchants, such as grade-up, level-up, rank-up and so on. However, the easiest to apply, but at the same time the most vicious, are absolute damage and defense effects. Absolute damage means that damage will be given always and absolute defense means that the defense will be maintained at all times. For instance, if someone attacks someone with the absolute damage option, the defender will receive damage of the absolute damage value, regardless of their defense value. The absolute defense gives the opposite effect of reducing damage.

In a way, these options are like an all penetrating spear and all blocking shield. If you look at the image, the additional attack power (absolute damage) is 4396, while additional defense (absolute defense) is at 876. The attack power overwhelms defense. Therefore, there can be an addition of something called race defense.


However, race defense only applies to PVP, not in PVE. Moreover, there are 5 armor parts, compared to one weapon, so if all armor parts are given additional defense, defense will always win because the value would become something like 1752*5. Nevertheless, absolute damage and defense options are powerful options. It may be difficult, with the existence of 255 stages, but it is the easiest to enchant. So, if other enchants aren't fit, try making a spear and shield through efficient rank-up enchants.


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